The entry into darkness

Bhuvan was a young and energetic boy like anyone else who would study well and play all the time. However, when he entered his teenage years, he fell into bad company. He began smoking, drinking, chewing tobacco and taming drugs. He began playing cards and getting into bets. For that, he even stole money from home.

His parents, meanwhile, were becoming bankrupt day by day until they discovered that their son was stealing money from them for his bad habits. So they sent him out of the house one day. But even this didn’t stop him. He began stealing from other people. He would pickpocket others.

One day, as he was trying to pickpocket a girl, he touched her accidently. She turned around and slapped him. When people surrounded them, she complained that he was Eve teasing her. This got him arrested. He had to live for ten years in jail as the cops discovered his bad habits. They recovered the objects he stole and returned the stolen goods to their respective owners.

Ten years later, he had almost given up. He had regretted all his doings in these ten years. So the first thing he did after his release was, to write an apology letter to his parents. When they got the letter they were shocked! Bhuvan had signed goodbye forever!! He had committed suicide!

The moral of this blog post is that you should never get into bad company and you must never hurt your parents. Bhuvans parents would’ve still forgiven him for they were ready to do so as he was their son. However, Bhuvan denied them and himself the chance! He committed suicide! Suicide isn’t the solution to problems! Bhuvan could still live as a better person in future. Alas! Bad company ruined him!

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