The Pleasant Lie

He stood at the City Gardens, looking neither too formal nor too casual. He was dressed in a red shirt and white trousers, to decide which he had struggled all night and had been waiting for over an hour, with flowers in his hand. It was the wee hours of the morning and he was not wearing any warm clothes. He looked into his watch and the needles conveyed the time to be what it seems like 1:00am in the morning. He wanted to be the first person to wish her on her birthday. He was cold already but was reluctant to disturb her sleep. He stood in front of her house, staring at the balcony. He couldn’t phone her, there was no other way he could signal her to get out.

The cold got worse and he was beginning to develop slight fever, which was still not a reason strong enough to send him home. He sat on the bench waiting for her and gradually all those beautiful moments they’d made together flashed in his head. The day he first saw her, the day he fell in love and how their friends did the silliest things to get them closer, there wasn’t one thing he would want to change. He shut his eyes.

“There you are! I couldn’t even call you! why don’t you get yourself a phone?” he heard her voice. The brightness made it difficult for him to open his eyes. “Thanks for the flowers!” She said even before he could reply “I can’t believe you stayed up all night in this cold just to wish me. You’re such a sweet person!” She sat beside him. “I love you” she said softly and smiled.

He was on cloud nine! The bunch of flowers was in her hand and close to her heart. “Happy Birthday!” he grinned, “Am I the first one to wish you?” that boyish charm appeared. She remembered how her mother showed up at her room at 12:00 AM. She knew a beautiful lie could make his day. “Yes!” she nodded.

Here were two people who had decided to lead the rest of their lives together!

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