Start saving now for your next vacation

When was your last vacation? Aren’t you looking forward to another vacation? You should, because travelling makes you happy, cheerful, refreshed, alert and ready to face challenges to improve yourself.

I know you are probably rolling your eyes muttering to yourself “Where is the time and money?”. You should take time off for your vacation. Regarding money issues, continue reading this article.

Whether it is a weekend getaway or a solo trip or a family trip, follow these tips and welcome your next trip soon!

1. Start a bank account solely for vacation money

Open a dedicated vacation savings account and set up automatic payments into the account. An interest bearing account will be better as you will get interest from the money parked there. Decide the time framed by which you want to go for the trip and save as much as money possible for the trip. Make sure you track your expenses from that account during and after the trip.

2. Make your own meals

Cook your own food, brew your own coffee or tea, make yourself a new dish. Rather than eating out and spending money there, consider cooking food at home while saving the same money. If you have a family, consider cooking for the whole family. You can even ask some members of the family to help you in cooking. If you live alone, it’s still fine as you have to cook for yourself so no need to waste money eating out. You will anyhow eat outside during your trip!

3. Carry your own lunch to work

When you cook your own food, consider cooking a little extra to carry it in your tiffin box. Avoid buying food outside. If you have a family, you can take home cooked food rather than outside food. Again, you will eat outside during your trip.

4. Consider human contact while doing it online

Before you book a hotel room through any third-party sites online, call the hotel directly and talk to them. Ask them if they have discounted rooms and other specials. Establish human contact. You cannot rely solely upon websites and assume your work to be done. Few things should remain the old fashioned way so talk with humans.

5. Get Travel Insurance

Travel insurance is for covering medical expenditures, luggage loss, and cancellation of the trip, accident while travelling, etc. at the time of travel. This is imperative because in case of loss of property or loss of life or disability, travel insurance will be there for you. Ensure you have travel insurance with you.

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