Mahishmati after Mahendra

There was a grand celebration. Delicacies were prepared. The streets were decorated and the people wore a festive look for the first time in many years. Freedom was granted to the people after a 25 year slavery period by the wicked tyrant who ruled earlier. But he was killed by the rightful heir to the throne. It was his coronation today.

The new Queen mother and the foster parents of the new king were waiting on the dais. There came the new King and Queen in all their glory!! It was the coronation of Mahendra Bahubali, the virtuous son of Queen Devasena and the deceased King Amarendra Bahubali. Devasena had suffered for 25 years as the evil king, Bhallaldeva chained her and tortured her. She waited for her son and he came!! His foster mother, Sangha was the head of the tribe he grew up in. Mahendra and his Queen, Avantika took the blessings of the elders.

The coronation went well, the people were all excited. They thought everything would finally be normal in Mahishmati and Kunthala kingdoms, which was later merged. Now Kunthala would remain a part of Mahishmati for the centuries to come.

Back in the palace, Devasena, Mahendra, Avantika, Sangha, her husband and some soldiers along with Kattappa were taking a look at some old portraits. Mahendra was surprised to see how he resembled his father and grandfather. Avantika mistook them for Mahendra when she saw them the first time!!

“You don’t have to keep asking forgiveness, Kattappa”, said Devasena, “you are forgiven”. “I am not a royal member of the family, but I am just putting forth my opinion. I think you should retire, Kattappa. You’re already bent with age” said Sangha. Kattappa smiled and said “My retirement shall be when I die protecting the King” Little did he or anybody know that evil was lurking in the shadows. The snake had been wounded, not killed.

The queen soon gave good news and the entire kingdom began preparing to welcome the new heir of Mahishmati. One day, Mahendra along with the ever dutiful Kattappa was looking at the portrait of the late Queen mother, Shivagami and wishing that he had met his dear grandmother. Well, he was about to!!

In came Saketha’s son with a mask and stabbed both Kattappa and Mahendra in their backs in a split second!! The Queen was just giving birth at the time and the Queen Mother along with Mahendra’s foster parents was also present. The Queen Mother happily announced that the newborns name would be Vijayendra Bahubali. Everything was fine until certain screams were heard from the other side of the palace. A guard suddenly walked in and said “Bijjaladeva’s men have teamed up with the Mughals and assassinated His Majesty, Mahendra Bahubali and Kattappa! They are on the lookout for the Queen Mother, the Queen and the newborn! They want to kill the newborn especially! They have taken control over the palace! I have come here to safely escort you all to a safer place.”

Everyone was devastated!! Crying, they all ran towards the river. All their dreams were shattered. The Queen had dreamt of a life with her husband and newborn. The Queen Mother had lost her son again, this time to death. She had waited for her for 25 years since his birth, had reunited with him only to lose him again in a span of one year! The foster parents of Mahendra were killed by arrows even before they left the palace.

Avantika couldn’t run and she fell down, but not before giving her son to Devasena. She was killed later on. Devasena escaped into the river but couldn’t swim as she was sad. She drowned in the river while holding her grandson in one hand above her head similar to how Shivagami held infant Mahendra many years ago. The citizens of Mahishmati were devastated. They had lost their rightful heir yet again.

The Mughals took over Mahishmati and merged it with their empire. They appointed one of their men to take care of Mahishmati. The Europeans started coming to Mahishmati and they built English schools, hospitals, etc.

Vijayendra Bahubali meanwhile had come back. He was rescued by a relative of a Mahishmati citizen and was bought up in Mahishmati as a commoner. He got to know about his heritage and raised his voice. The Maratha King, Shivaji helped him the most in this regard. They released Mahishmati from the clutches of the Mughals and even made Vijayendra Bahubali the King of Mahishmati.

But the British conquered Mahishmati by taking over when Vijayendra wasn’t keeping well. Vijayendra died an early death, but in bed. The British took possession of Mahishmati and gave Vijayendra’s son, Surendra Bahubali a monthly pension. From then on, Surendra and his descendants would live in the Mahishmati palace but not take part in the ruling of the kingdom. The people had had enough by now.

They began killing British officers and civilians; they even took part in the famous 1857 revolt also known as the First War of Indian Independence. They gave their sweat and blood only to see Surendra Bahubali installed on the throne again. Then came World War I from 1914-18 and the British took their soldiers from Mahishmati promising to give independence.

However they broke their promise and didn’t grant independence to India. Leaders like Mahatma Gandhi, Subhash Chandra Bose, and many others came to Mahishmati to inspire people to fight for independence as one nation, i.e. India. The British wanted to put an end to this so they stopped giving pensions to Surendra’s grandson. This enraged the people more. They took part in the Salt Satyagraha, Swadeshi movement, Quit India Movement and what not.

The World War II started in 1939 and ended in 1945 but the British broke their promises again. They took soldiers from Mahishmati but refused to grant independence. Finally on the midnight of August 14th 1947, Britain granted independence to India.

Today, Mahishmati is one of the states in India and attracts millions of tourists per year due to the palaces and temples left behind in Mahishmati and Kunthala. The history of Mahishmati and Kunthala is taught proudly in all history classes. Prominent people who contributed to India in many ways and subjects like science, technology, music, arts, dance, literature, architecture and many more subjects, have been from this region. Statues of Shivagami, Amarendra Bahubali, Devasena, Mahendra Bahubali, Avantika, Kattappa, Jayasena and Kumaravarma have been built in this region.
Amarendra Bahubali, Devasena and Mahendra Bahubali were reborn in the same family! Read The Chronicles of Mahishmati 

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