Why wearing headphones for too long is consequential to your health

Nowadays, most of us carry headphones and/or earphones. Some people wear them while walking, driving and when in public transport. Some people prefer to use them while studying and working. Most of us watch content online and when we do so, many of us wear headphones or earphones. Be it watching movies or listening to music, we love plugging them. Nowadays, wearing headphones or earphones in public is a sign for others not to disturb the individual.

Some people even have to wear headphones or earphones for their job. For instance, those who work in graphic designing, animation, subtitling, and translation, etc.

But just like there is a limit for everything, there is a limit to the usage of earphones and headphones. Let us go through the consequences of wearing headphones and earphones for too long on a regular basis.

Your hearing ability suffers:-
When you wear earphones, the eardrum is constantly hit by sound waves from close quarters. This means regular exposure to earphones and headphones for long intervals of time results in conductive deafness.

You may be prone to ear infections:-
When you share, borrow or lend headphones and earphones, be informed that you are also transferring bacteria from one person to another. Harmful infections are caused because of this so be careful.

You won’t pay attention to your surroundings:-
When you are immersed in watching your favorite movie, drama series or something else, or when you are immersed in listening to music, you will be less aware of what’s happening around you. Maybe somebody has had an accident in front of you and is calling you for help. Probably someone is shouting at you to warn you about some impending danger such as a fast approaching vehicle or something that is about to fall on your head.

A huge distraction while studying or working:-
Some people plug in their earphones while they study or work. It has been proven already that doing so leads to a limited attention span. This is because the songs and the words that you are supposedly reading/writing/typing will mix with each other. What’s more? The same music/songs that you listened to will go on ringing in your mind later when you don’t want it to. This is a major distraction.

Interference with your activities:-
Some people wear headphones/earphones while exercising or working out. This is so wrong because ideally, you must listen to the sound of your feet while running. Another point to note is that the wire often interferes with your bodily movements when you wear headphones/earphones and do some activity.

Can make one sit for hours:-
Just because the wire interferes with your bodily movements, it doesn’t mean you sit idle for a long time. When you wear headphones, you are so immersed in the music/movies that you forget to move. This encourages laziness.

Harmful for your eyes, ears and overall health:-
When you plug in your earphones and sit for hours staring at your screen, your body, eyes, and ears get strained a lot. With limited activity, too much screen time and constant exposure to direct sound in the ear itself, your health diminishes. Apart from that, you may experience a condition called “Vertigo” which means “a sensation of feeling off balance”. Some of its symptoms include nausea, emesis, etc.

How to use Headphones or Earphones with limited damage to the ears?

Not everybody can stop using earphones or headphones instantly. For many, the usage of earphones/headphones is for work and entertainment purposes. So, how can you minimize further damage?

  1. Volume must not exceed 60%
  2. Limit the amount of time you use earphones/headphones every day.
  3. Avoid loose fit earphones and go for earphones that fit your ears well otherwise it might get tempting to increase the volume.
  4. Prevent usage of earphones/headphones in loud environments because that can also tempt you to increase the volume.

These are some tips you can follow in order to prevent much damage to yourself.

Happy New Year 2019.

Have a wonderful and healthy year ahead! Do like this post, share it and follow me for more interesting and useful content.

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