Have a smooth voice for singing

Do you or anyone you know like singing and are fond of it? Is being a singer one of your aspirations? Or is it your hobby?

If you answered yes to any of these questions, you ought to take good care of your voice.

Practice makes a man perfect so the more you sing, the stronger your voice becomes.

Your voice is an instrument inside your body. You ought to have a strong voice apart from vocal consistency.

First, you must know what a smooth singing voice means and why it is important for you to sing. Your voice is a muscle. A smooth singing voice means that no obvious breaks are found in your vocals while you move from low to middle, middle to high notes and back down.

Your voice ought to sound connected, not change drastically in volume when you sing.

It has to sound relaxed. Your voice shouldn’t come from your throat or chest but from your tummy.

Sing along to your favorite songs for practicing purpose. Whether or not your voice sounds like your favorite singer(s), don’t worry and sing in your own voice.

How shall I improve my voice to sing better?

1. Drink water as it lubricates your vocal cords. It’ll keep you hydrated as well.

2. Drink lukewarm tea with some honey.

3. Avoid too many spicy foods, salty foods, etc.

4. Don’t smoke and consume alcohol.

5. Have a proper singing posture. It’s better to stand than sit while singing because sitting will collapse your muscles and make you unable to get a proper breath. Stand straight, broaden your chest and widen your shoulders, let your jaw drop and keep your tongue relaxed.

Lift the roof of your mouth in the back like you do while yawning. This will let more air passage through your throat.

6. Breathing exercises, yoga and going on runs is helpful as well.

7. Never strain your voice. If you push your voice by singing too loud, too high, or for too long, you’ll end up damaging your vocal cords.

8. Be consistent while you sing. Singing one line well and the next line badly will create an overall bad verdict.

Have the right mood and passion for singing. Many of us might sing for pleasure, the passage of time, etc. But many others are really passionate about singing. Hope this article helps someone in need of these tips.

Have a good day.

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