Having A Good Sense Of Humor

A good sense of humour would be a necessity to cheer up the self or someone. There are quite a good number of people who have the ability to put a smile on a gloomy individuals face, irregardless of the circumstance.

One coveted trait in all of us is humour. It is said that laughter is the best medicine and a day without laughter is a day wasted.

Now, if you want to distinguish between a person with a sense of humour and a person without it, you’ve some observation to do.

1. The individual doesn’t get tumultuous.

If a person can fume with anger or get excited resulting in screaming, it doesn’t indicate a good sense of humour, especially when the joke is upon him. People with a good sense of humour don’t take things so seriously.

2. A self sustaining individual.

If you encounter an individual who is so open to his faults that he recognizes his Achilles heels and even mocks at it in a light hearted way, you instantly know who the person with a sense of humour is. They accept their mistakes and move on, and may even end up correcting their flaws.

3. They aren’t egomaniac people.

A person with a really good sense of humour isn’t egocentric and would be open to people. They meet new people and keep everybody smiling.

4. They know to use their creativity pretty well.

They are sharp-witted and offer witty remarks which can make people roll with laughter. Many such remarks are spontaneous!

5. They know where to draw the line.

People can go on making fun at others’ expenses, but someone who truly has a sense of humour has the ability to make people laugh without hurting somebody elses’ feelings. Well-intentioned humour is what they practice.

6. Laughter takes precedence in life for them.

People with a good sense of humour are filled with mirth and are as fit as a fiddle. That’s because they can eliminate stress not only from their lives but also from the lives of the people around them which, in turn, makes them happier and more content.

So introduce a happier lifestyle for yourself, keep yourself happy and spread joy.

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6 thoughts on “Having A Good Sense Of Humor

  1. Great post. It’s true, when you’re confident in yourself, humor is supposed to be funny. And when attacks happen, then you let them roll off because you’re not easily offended.

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  2. Precisely worded and very articulate. You never cease to make people smile, Tharun!
    Thank you so much for this.
    Keep writing, keep smiling!

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  3. A sense of humour is a coping mechanism and should be fostered, so when life hits you can take the blow
    A sense of humour can also be a great sign of a person’s character; dark humour implies something very different about a person’s perspective on life than someone who shrieks in horror at jokes about sucicide and death, and with a sly joke you can deduce enough about someone to define the best way to deal with them based on the reaction

    The cardinal sin though; assuming anyone who doesn’t laugh at what you think is funny is wrong

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