To descry the complacency of our lives

Have you ever found yourself happy at one moment but the next moment, you felt like you wanted something? Say, you start your day normally, but later, you’re unhappy that you don’t have something (which indirectly means that you want it).

Let not this article be the same old jar pouring down dry facts through your throat. Let’s do this. Have you ever wondered why we humans are never satisfied, why we keep craving something or the other even if we don’t need it?


The difference between a ‘need’ and a ‘want’ is that the former is all about basic necessities such as food, water, shelter, clothing and medicine while the latter, as the name suggests, is just a want.

But going by how today’s economies work, happiness does the opposite of good. Ponder about it. Why would you need more if you were satisfied with what you have? Many businesses want to sell something or the other to you and it wouldn’t do them a favour if you were happy with what you have.

In order to sell beauty creams and other beauty products, you basically tell people they look ugly, so they’ll buy your product. In order to sell soaps and detergents, you frighten people with terms like diseases and germs. If you were to sell an insurance policy, you would scare your customer half to death by basically reminding him or her that man is mortal and that your customer can die soon. This is the very tactic politicians use to gain votes- making the safest and secure people feel unsafe and insecure, etc. You convince people to watch a television show by making them terrified of missing shows.

The list is endless, but this is basically modern-day society. No offense to startups, corporates and businessmen though. Becoming calm and happy with what you have has become a Herculean task today! Not like how it used to be, maybe a few decades back, although man was still greedy at all eras of history, only considerably lesser than now.

Today, our lives are governed by social media, advertisements, technological gadgets and basically all of us telling each other how we are missing out on something or the other in life. We are constantly compelled to get more (spend more). Sit back and consider saving money, will you?

Spend time alone, give time to family and friends, walk your pet dog, and think of what you have. Many people don’t have what you are blessed with. Exercise well, eat healthy and sleep sound.

Have a good day. You’re reading this article on your smartphone or laptop, so shut it down and give a break to your eyes.


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