Coronavirus has forced us all to change our ways

Coronavirus has changed our lives. It has impacted the way we think, the way we live, the way we study/work, the way we greet others and certainly our food and hygiene habits.

Students are forced to stay home and attend online classes, for which parents are forced to arrange for laptops for their children and WiFi. The working class is forced to work online, or stay outside and face the risk. Otherwise, they’re laid off. Old people and people with little interest in technology are forced to learn how to use technology to connect with loved ones.

The air is becoming cleaner, the wind is getting fresher, animals and birds are seen more than ever in the last two decades, and people have finally started social distancing, although some covidiots still don’t. If you know a covidiot, try putting some sense into them about social distancing and proper hygiene.

Today, people are afraid to travel, shake hands or even sneeze and cough. They’re obsessed with soaps and sanitizers. Some people are obsessed with hoarding things, which creates scarcity for others.

Here’s a poem on lockdown and quarantine, written by me.

Why this panic? What could change?

Everything around us is changing. The panic is because of the pandemic. People are getting infected everywhere, most people are at risk of developing infections, and we have seen many deaths globally. The worst part is that this pandemic is not going anywhere.

Will we ever return to normal?

No, nothing can be termed normal. Change is consistent and is bound to happen. Currently, the change is already happening. People around the world are shifting to Indian habits such as washing hands and feet regularly, avoiding touch and maintaining social distancing. People now are forced to sit at home for hours because of a crazy pandemic out there. Change is inevitable.

As Lord Shri Krishna points out in Bhagavad Gita,

“Dehino asmin yathaa dehe koumaaram youvanam jaraa

Tathaa dehaantara praaptihi dheeras tatra na muhyati.” [Ch.II verse.13]

It means that Change is the only constant thing. A soul gets into a body at birth. The body goes through various life stages like childhood, adolescence, adulthood, middle age and old age before finally resulting in death. At death. The soul discards the old body like an old garment and enters a new body like one puts on a new garment.

This is an example of change. Even nature is subject to change. Seasons change and Yugas go by. You’re not the same person you were seven years back, because all your cells get replaced within every span of seven years, according to science. That’s how frequently you change. Similarly your attitude, approach to life, behavior, interests, hobbies, likes and dislikes are also bound to change.

In what way can this pandemic be seen in a positive light?

This pandemic is good because it brings change. Today, due to lesser vehicles resulting in lesser pollution, you are able to breathe cleaner and fresher air, have a clearer view of an otherwise polluted city and feel better given the lack of all that robotic routine that used to be a part of our lives barely five months ago.

Animals and birds are now bold enough to come outside from hiding. They’ve been hiding due to fear of humans. Plants and trees can now flourish.

We humans are also realizing that most modern day office work can be handled working from home. You don’t have to crowd the streets and rush to office to get work done. You have technology at your disposal. Only some professions like medical practitioners, police personnel, delivery boys, etc might not be able to work from home.

No longer do you have to flock to cities and stay away from your families for the sake of work or study. You can work from home or take online classes staying at home.

Students needn’t be in a hurry to get to school or college each morning. All they need now is a reliable WiFi connection and a functioning laptop, just like most people working from home need, and of course their study material.

This is the best time to sit and ponder our choices and plan our future. We must make career decisions, see what our next move in life should be, complete unfinished work and utilize this time for anything, be it self reflection, self health, spending time with loved ones, catching up with old friends, reading a book or playing with pets.

Work From Home is no longer a luxury, but a necessity today. That is the biggest change this pandemic has brought. So, be positive (not Corona Positive!), follow all safety measures, avoid going outside your house and be corona negative!

The Quantine Blues


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