Hi, so you know I write articles. Sometimes people message me. Some messages are plain excuses while others are outright funny. Here are some comments I’ve got. Take it lightly.

“I do not know English. I will read your articles if you translate them into Kannada (or insert any native language) for me.” By someone who knew enough English to be in his job.

“You know what? Your articles are way too long so I just click on your link and gloss over a bit before exiting.” Talking about an article with, I don’t know, maybe five small paragraphs.

“Can you write on ‘insert extremely controversial topic’ and add your views?” By a friend who clearly knows what controversy is.

“I lost my reading glasses.” By somebody who doesn’t use spectacles.

It really seems funny at best and is rude at worst. These are the messages I have received so far.

A writer has to do a lot of reading and pondering before he/she sits down to write. He/she has to manage the inflow and outflow of thoughts while writing. Arriving at the conclusion is not as easy as a piece of cake. Before you comment negatively about an article/blog/story/novel or even a movie or series, give a thought about the writer.

It is easy to mock at somebody or ignore somebody. You will, however, likely never know the work behind the final task.

Have a good day.

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