Is Mango skin edible?

The weather was sunny and hot, so I considered eating a mango. I was with my grandparents at the time. They observed me throw away the skin of the first piece out and told me that the skin of the mango is edible. That had me thinking. Is mango skin edible?

“Yes”, says Dr. Prashanth, “highly nutritious indeed!” The skin of fruits and vegetables is a protective cover for the soft fruit inside. Most such peels have vitamins and minerals along with fibre.

We were talking about the King of Fruits, the Mango.

His Royal Highness has a sweet taste, and turns shades of yellow when ripe. While the mango is undoubtedly healthy so is the peel!

The peel contains polyphenols, carotenoids and Vitamins C and E.

However, mango skin is not preferred by some people. Is it because they’re ignorant of its benefits? Maybe, but there are other causes too.


I eat a mango and enjoy the taste. However, when I try to eat the skin, it has an unappealing taste and I don’t really enjoy eating the peel.

Insecticides and pesticides

Fruits and vegetables are usually loaded with pesticides to fight bacterial infection and to check the entry of insects spoiling the crop.

Might be unnecessary for some people

Some people prefer eating only the fruit and not the skin. This is fine.

Point to Remember!

Always wash the fruit or vegetable with water thoroughly before using it. This becomes all the more important given the current pandemic.

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