The Predecessor – Successor Conversation > 2020-2021

On the bed lay an ailing 2020. No, it wasn’t the soft flowery bed on which the ailing 2019 had sprouted those silver wings and flown gracefully last year. This bed was a sanitized cot with a giant face shield. Gloves and masks were hanging from the top of the bed.

2020 knew it was only a matter of time before 2020 would move on to the afterlife (here, the list of the gone-by years).

The day was rather slow, and 2020’s senses such as vision was going in and out of focus.

2020 wasn’t exactly the favorite of its subjects. Hell no, 2020 had haters. With the pandemic, lockdown, fire and virus everywhere, people put in quarantine..

With a sigh, 2020 remembered what it had told 2019 the previous year “I can’t even handle a situation. How shall I handle the world?” It had been the year the Coronavirus pandemic took multiple lives every single day. Conversation between 2019 and 2020.

Suppressing the urge to cry out in regret and anger for not having done better, 2020 made a resolution.

“No, I will not leave without telling 2021 what not to do.”

As it’s vision came back to focus, 2020 saw a tiny golden bell next to it.

The image of 2021 giving the golden bell and saying “Ring this bell when you need me.” came to 2020 who rang the bell.

The conversation between 2020 and 2021 goes as follows.

2020- “Look, mate. M telling ya as a friend. Being my successor, you will not be looked at with a lot of anticipation, liking, etc. I’m sorry for putting you in this situation but I want you to promise that you’ll not put your successor in a similar situation. No, I haven’t finished yet. People have a lot of expectations on you, even if it is not curious anticipation. Keep faith in yourself and provide the best, not the worst. Even if you can’t correct my mistakes, its fine. You don’t make new mistakes. That’s it.”


2020 had said all this in one single breath. So it relaxed and took a deep breath. 2021 nodded solemnly in agreement. 2021 was a rather shy personality and preferred not to talk much. But 2020 did not mind as it had said whatever it wanted to.
2020 fondly remembered the memory of 2019 sprouting heavenly wings and taking off. 2020 knew it would follow the same path soon. In only a few hours, 2020 will be..

A part of the past.

Your memories.

You’re promised a fresh and new start!



My poem on the Lockdown

– Tharun Kumar. S

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