Distinct Types of Fans Seen Regularly

Where so many TV series, novels, movies, and shows exist in the world of social media, information is available at the tip of your fingers!

You might have seen different types of fans online and offline. These types of fans exist in almost all fandoms. Several franchises like ‘Baahubali’, ‘Harry Potter’, ‘Lord of The Rings’, ‘Percy Jackson’, ‘Chronicles of Narnia’, ‘Hunger Games’, ‘Game of Thrones’, ‘F.R.I.E.N.D.S.’, K-Drama, and so on. You name it and you will find atleast a few such fans in every fandom. Note that even cartoons, Anime, and all kinds of readable, visual and audible content especially popular ones come under this category.

Before proceeding, please note that this post is not intended to point at or hurt anyone. Afterall, diversity is what adds to the fun, isn’t it?

The Newbie

You’ve got to start somewhere, right? So, here the newbie. Enthusiastic, excited and eager! Curiosity filled to the brim! Tell him anything about the said series and he will believe it.

The Wise Scholar

Employers look for experienced people to give jobs. Well, here are the experienced people! They’re so experienced in matters of the series that they have all knowledge and information about the said series. Everything from the characters to the actors, the direction to the writing, ask them and they’ll have it ready! They’re the Google of the said series!

Over emotional

*Kattappa kills Baahubali*

“Tears gushed down his eyes like a roaring waterfall! Not all the tissues in the world can wipe away those tear stained cheeks of thee!”


Even if you’re watching a detective movie, this person will “know” which character should hook up with whom! Such people have their own, sometimes weird, ideas about which character should end up with whom even if that’s not the most logical pairing! They’re like:

Bean: The Prince married the Princess.

Dean: Why? The Princess should marry *totally unrelated character*

Gives away spoilers for fun

Dean: Hey, so I’m reading Harry Potter.

Lean: Yeah, Snape kills Dumbledore!



Dean: How dare you!!


Dean: Hey, you know? I started reading Chronicles of Narnia.

Sean: What? Why not watch Game of Thrones instead?!

Lean: What are you guys talking about?

Dean and Sean: Get out!

Such people always judge one another regardless of whether from the same fandom as theirs or different. They argue over which series is better, which actor is better, whose direction was better, which character is better, which character should hook up with whom, and so on for eternity!


Sean and Dean: Discussing ‘Percy Jackson’.

Lean: Hey, guys! So, what is ‘Percy Jackson’?

*Silence before Dean walks away and Sean grins and makes a face that plainly says get out*

They judge everybody based on whether or not they know about the series and how well they know and are interested in it.


These are the same people who rush to the departmental store during a pandemic or an emergency and hoard all the toilet paper for themselves and leave nothing for others! Their life literally revolves around hoarding ALL versions/illustrations of their novels and ALL versions of their movies! They’re the first in line to buy every new merchandise related to the said series that comes in the market!


These self-obsessed people are so full of themselves. According to them, they’re always right. Even if you say that one and one equals two, they’ll say one and one equals three! What’s worse is that they impose their ideas on others. They’re the same people who boast all over the place about how ‘proud’ they are for being interested in the series, how often and how quickly can they read the novels/watch the movies.


Such people have made it a lifetime mission to ‘spread this great thing because how can you live without knowing this?’ so much so that they literally knock on your doors and talk as if trying to convert you into another religion!

The Hypocrite

The one who dances to the tune of the next person! Such a person often has NO opinions of his own!

Bean: HP is overrated!

Dean: Yeah!

Sean: HP is the best!

Dean: Yeah!

Toxic and Immature

Most of the times, it is such fans who wage fan wars all over the internet! They do not agree with one another, and argue endlessly.

Mature and Non toxic

The opposite of the afore mentioned fans. They respect each others views, keep comments respectful, do not bash characters, actors, film crew, authors, and other fans. Yes, they are still fans. But they don’t go around shouting the same at the top of their voices.


“Right, so I watch ‘Tom and Jerry’ and I move on! That’s it!” Such kinds are the normal fans who do not engage in pointless arguments about the said series! They’d rather sit back and watch two people bicker, although that is left to who likes doing such a thing versus who just wants to leave the scene. They’re the silent fans, the ones who you may not even know are the fans of the said series.

Are you or do you know any fan who belongs to one or more categories? Do comment below!

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