Types of people you see in a coffee shop

Picture yourself on a beautiful day going to a coffee shop. Sounds cool, doesn’t it?

I will not deny that although few, I have been to coffee shops. I just prefer drinking coffee at home more often. Now, among the few times I’ve been to coffee shops, here are some common types of people I have personally seen.


This customer just walks in, goes straight to the counter, orders what he/she wants and chats with the staff. Very comfortable person.

Freebie fellow

These are the same type of people who go to any public place offering free Wi-Fi just because it’s available.


People of any age category fit into this category, and not only in coffee shops, but also in buses, metros, sidewalks and other public places! They talk over the phone as though talking to someone on the other side of a football field! They talk to their companions (who generally are next to them) like they’re sitting in the next shop!

The fake accent

A person who walks in and tries his level best to converse in British or American accent, utterly failing to make sense. He is the typical show off character who wants to show off that he talks like an Englishman or American. For instance, “Gimme ven kyaa-poo-chee- new!” (Give me one cappuccino).

The rich kid

Many of those who’ve been to a coffee shop will know this character. He walks in, goes straight to the counter, and orders five dozen things at once and pays in thousands!

College bunkers

The majority of people I’ve seen at coffee shops happen to come under this category. A bunch of boys or girls would be sitting, looking like they’re having the time of their lives. Not entirely bad, afterall what’s school and college life without memories? But not entirely good either, because bunking too many classes is not good.

The Couple

Who cannot forget that table near the corner where a lady and a man are sitting, probably holding hands, and staring at each other lovingly while they talk endlessly? Whether they’re meeting for an arranged marriage, or are lovers already, or on their first date, love’s in the air, you see!

The Leave-Me-Alone

This type of person would much rather be left alone and not be bothered by others. You can see them everywhere in public, usually wearing headphones (some won’t wear headphones but blast music loudly!). They might be seeing something on their mobiles, or may just be looking around possibly immersed in their own thoughts, maybe reading something.


They’re introverts, and avoid as much face to face interaction as possible. For all you know, they could be doing a whole lot of things in their minds even if they look like they’re doing nothing.


They’re extroverts, and are usually seen hanging out with a group of their own.

Do you have any more types of people at a coffee shop you’ve seen before? Comment below!

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