Love and sexuality

Love does not come with pressure, name tags, and other materialistic things. Love is pure and ought to come naturally. It is not something to be opposed just for the sake of it.

Welcome to my blog. Today, we are going to be discussing something serious. If you’re easily offended, you have been warned!

There are multiple kinds of sexualities-heterosexual, homosexual, bisexual, pansexual, and asexual, and so on. It is called sexual orientation, which means romantic or sexual attraction. This is part of an individual’s identity and is not “learned” or “acquired,” as many misinformed people put it. During their teenage years, individuals find out whether they like the same, or opposite, or multiple, or no genders at all.

Heterosexual people are attracted to the opposite sex, while homosexual people are attracted to the same sex. Bisexual people are attracted to both sexes, while pansexual people are attracted to people regardless of gender identity and are attracted to a person’s character. Asexual people have little to no sexual attraction to people.

The LGBT community consists of lesbians (when two women are attracted to one another), gay people (when two men are attracted to one another), bisexual people, and transgender people (those who are born into one gender and identify with the other gender).

LGBT and Indian Society

While Indian courts validate the right of the LGBT community as adults to live with the person of their choice, Society is outright against such unions. Most people in India still have a long way to go in terms of the LGBTQ community. Indian society repels change. It never permits the LGBT community to prove themselves. Reactions from family range from support to disapproval to violent persecution! Same-sex couples in India are discouraged.

Indian society consists of a section of non-LGBT people (not all!) who claim to be “the custodians of Indian culture” and that the LGBT trend is from the West. To such people, here is the thing. Even in ancient Indian scriptures and temples, there are examples of different sexualities. A most notable example is in the Mahabharata, where Shikhandi is said to be born female and changed her gender into male and married a woman. There are temples and scriptures that show and discuss homosexuality. So, this is not “another Western trend.”

While being unaware of the concept is one thing, completely opposing it is different. People constantly deny the LGBTQ community their basic rights, such as the right to choose their romantic partners. The LGBT community has continuously fought for their rights yet has always been discriminated.

According to Wikipedia, “Multinational research firm Ipsos released a report on LGBT+ Pride 2021 Global Survey conducted between April 23 and May 7, 2021. The findings show that 2% of the surveyed online Indian population identify as other than male or female; these include transgender, non-binary, non-conforming, gender-fluid, and others. In regards to the sexual orientation, the report shows that 3% of the surveyed Indian population identify as homosexual (Including gay and lesbian), 9% identify as bisexual, 1% identify as pansexual, and 2% identify as asexual. Totally, 17% identify as not heterosexual (excluding ‘do not know,’ and ‘prefer not to answer).”

LGBT rights have seen better acceptance in India over the years, but sadly the Indian LGBT community is still forced to endure social and legal difficulties just for being who they areDue to such fears and concerns, many LGBT people never come out into the open about their sexuality and continue to have heterosexual relations just like their families and society want. In a lot of circumstances, the spouse doesn’t even know that their life partner is homosexual, bisexual, pansexual, or asexual.

Today’s conclusion

Sexuality is like birth, religion, nationality. It cannot be “chosen.” It comes naturally.

Some countries in the world accept the LGBT community with open arms, while some others don’t and are discriminatory. We must aim for a more understanding world.

To theists– All of humanity is the creation of God, so you essentially hate your own brothers and sisters when you spread hatred against people for who they are.

To atheists– Man has evolved from being an ape. Accepting every person regardless of sexuality would be one step further in evolution, whereas hating and discriminating against people for having different preferences would be a step backward.

Let us work on creating awareness and making the world a better place to live in! Like and share this article. Follow me for more content.

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