Types of people you see in a coffee shop

Picture yourself on a beautiful day going to a coffee shop. Sounds cool, doesn’t it? I will not deny that although few, I have been to coffee shops. I just prefer drinking coffee at home more often. Now, among the few times I’ve been to coffee shops, here are some common types of people I … Continue reading Types of people you see in a coffee shop

Distinct Types of Fans Seen Regularly

Where so many TV series, novels, movies, and shows exist in the world of social media, information is available at the tip of your fingers! You might have seen different types of fans online and offline. These types of fans exist in almost all fandoms. Several franchises like ‘Baahubali’, ‘Harry Potter’, ‘Lord of The Rings’, … Continue reading Distinct Types of Fans Seen Regularly

The Predecessor – Successor Conversation > 2020-2021

On the bed lay an ailing 2020. No, it wasn't the soft flowery bed on which the ailing 2019 had sprouted those silver wings and flown gracefully last year. This bed was a sanitized cot with a giant face shield. Gloves and masks were hanging from the top of the bed. 2020 knew it was … Continue reading The Predecessor – Successor Conversation > 2020-2021

Pandemic Woes- Prisoner Yet No Prisoner

It was a rather hot day, and if Chakrapani had other options, he might never had chosen this part time job of conducting surveys. But, what to do? Money is a real issue. He sighed and grudgingly walked away from the main road into one of the side streets. His brown shirt was so drenched … Continue reading Pandemic Woes- Prisoner Yet No Prisoner

The Love-Hate Relationship

The sea was bright blue and the naval officer sat in his cabin. India was safe as long as there were soldiers like him, for he was brave, smart, and strong. He had a strong passion and felt a strange closeness to the sea since he was a boy. It was a love-hate relationship. He … Continue reading The Love-Hate Relationship

Being secular and liberal

India is a land of varied cultures. Lot of people with different beliefs, different cuisines and dressing styles, festivals and languages, etc. We love to say this. But the sad part is that India is the only place where secularism and liberalism are replaced by Anti Hindu behavior. The only country in the world where … Continue reading Being secular and liberal

The Man With Everything But Nothing

The concert was over. Several Muggle and Magical Press Reporters alike were crowding around Mr. McConnel who was giving out signed autographs. “I am from Times Now, the Best Selling Newspaper in Europe!” a Muggle Reporter was saying. “Daily Prophet!” Screamed another, and the muggles jeered. But McConnel seemed to understand. He raised a hand … Continue reading The Man With Everything But Nothing

The Hiking Gone Haywire

Keshav had had a sleepless night yet again. It was a rainy morning and he sat on his bed, dark circles under his eyes. He felt that nothing could possibly cheer him up. He was facing the prospect of a dull school assignment and the upcoming mid term examinations. On top of that, he had … Continue reading The Hiking Gone Haywire

Dudley Attends Hogwarts: A Harry Potter fanfiction

“Dursley, Dudley!” called McGonagall. Dudley slowly walked up to the stool and put the sorting hat. A minute later, the hat screamed “Gryffindor!” Dudley spent most of his first year making friends with the likes of Malfoy but soon realized that Malfoy was a racist bully. He goes back to Harry who, at this time … Continue reading Dudley Attends Hogwarts: A Harry Potter fanfiction