Travelling to a hot country/location and avoiding the heat

I’ve been travelling to places in the year 2019 and boy, it was so hot in some places I stayed in. I’m not going to bore you with too many details. Let’s just get to the point. So, it was very hot in one particular country. Travelling when it is nearly 30-degree Celsius is certainly not my cup of tea or so I had thought in the past. But I had to travel, now that I have come so far.

How did I avoid getting drenched in sweat? Here is what I did!

Cotton clothes and light-coloured clothes

I wore cotton clothes especially when I went out. Here is the rule. Wear shorts if you’re going to, say a nearby store or for boating at a nearby lake. If you’re travelling a longer distance, wear light coloured clothes.

Light-coloured bed linens

I asked the house staff to replace the wool linens they had with light coloured cotton ones. This idea worked! I didn’t feel too hot.

Avoid going out during the afternoon

This is pretty obvious. Travel during the early hours of the day, preferably during dawn or during the later hours of the day, around dusk. In the afternoon, it’s best if you stay indoors. I would travel either at dawn or at dusk.

Be hydrated

It is advisable to drink lots of fluids, preferably water. This will keep you hydrated and you can move around with ease compared to when you’re dehydrated. I did this by keeping a water bottle handy except at airports (frequent flyers know why).

Apply cold moisturizer to your body

As the title suggests, always carry a cold moisturizer with you during your travels. They would come handy like it did for me.

Pack light

One of the most important tips is to pack only the essentials. Don’t pack that teddy bear your grandma gifted you if you’re not going to need it during the vacation. I kept a bag of necessities and could be mistaken for a backpacker.

Identify the needs and wants

There is a contrast between needs and wants. A need is a basic essential you can’t do without. A want is just a want and could be a liability. If something is not needed or you could manage without it, it is a want.

These are some of the tips I could help you with! Stay tuned for more! Do like, comment and subscribe!

Good day!

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