Guru Purnima

First of all, I’d like to wish you on the occasion of ‘Guru Purnima’. Guru Poornima is also called Vyasa Poornima because it is Ved Vyasa’s birthday, which comes during June-July every year. That is during the month of ‘Ashada’. Ved Vyasa is the author of the Mahabharata. The Sacred Guru Mantra. Guru Brahma, Gurur … Continue reading Guru Purnima

Banned China Apps and Alternatives to Tiktok

Ever since the border clash in Ladakh on June 15 where our soldiers were martyred unjustly by the Chinese, the call to boycott Chinese goods have become more important and heard than ever. Therefore, the Indian Government has been urged to ban everything Chinese, from Chinese firms to Chinese food. There is a call to … Continue reading Banned China Apps and Alternatives to Tiktok

Explaining potable water to a preteen

Freshwater is getting exhausted and we need to conserve water. Can you explain this to a naughty preteen who just isn’t interested in finding out? Can you explain whatever you know in a simplistic manner? Given that global freshwater sources are shrinking, one can only find more contaminants in water, thus making it a hazard. … Continue reading Explaining potable water to a preteen

Adimurai- Slowly dying ancient Indian practices

An ancient Indian martial art you may not be familiar with is Adimurai. Adimurai is a Tamil martial art which is regarded as one of the oldest and most important martial arts to have been practiced in ancient Tamil Nadu and North Sri Lanka. The name literally means so. ‘Adi’ means “to hit or strike” … Continue reading Adimurai- Slowly dying ancient Indian practices

The Responsible Voter

Abhinav slowly opened his eyes as he tried to remember what happened. However, all he could recollect was that he was playing cricket with his sister. One of the few things that were common between the two of them was their fancy for cricket. The previous day had been Arya's 13th birthday and she was … Continue reading The Responsible Voter

Eight Ways to Present Yourself in Video Calls

My friend embarrassed himself the other day, when he was on a conference call. He was wearing shorts and sitting comfortably on his bed, when he suddenly switched on his camera by mistake! His colleagues were like, “Mister! We are seriously discussing the upcoming project here, and you’re chilling there!” For many decades, school meant … Continue reading Eight Ways to Present Yourself in Video Calls

Mental Health and Illnesses

Of late, or rather for the past two decades or more, we have been hearing of various cases of depression, self-harm and suicides. In the last twenty years, depression and suicides have seen a rise worldwide. With Coronavirus taking the lives of many people, mental health has declined further among people. People are more anxious, … Continue reading Mental Health and Illnesses

The movement that frightened the British

The situation was tense. Three people stood in the dark room at midnight. Two Indians, who were watchmen were standing with no clue of what was going on. They kept looking at each other. The third person was David. "I'm asking ya! Where did these chapattis come from?" "Oh, Narayana! How do I explain? We … Continue reading The movement that frightened the British

Meet Abhigya Anand, the Child Prodigy

People in any society are unique and diverse. They say every child has talent, and some of them turn out to be child prodigies. Today, we’re talking about one such child prodigy. Abhigya is a child prodigy and Sanskrit professor with several graduate and postgraduate degrees by ten. He teaches Bhagavad Gita. He can say … Continue reading Meet Abhigya Anand, the Child Prodigy