Types of people you see listening to music

When we go outside, we observe a lot of things. On an average day out, we see at least one unique thing. There are some things that we commonly see, one of which we will be exploring here. So, get comfy and read further.

Music is an important part of our life. We used to have Classical Music in the past. Now, we have Jazz, Rock, Pop, Hip Hop, Blues, and Country Music, etc. Among the types of music listeners I’ve seen when in public, here are most of the ones I have witnessed. You never know, some of them might be future popular singers!

The Humming Bee

No, not the book! I am talking about people who hum their favorite tunes everywhere. Sometimes it’s really nice to hear them, while at other times, you’d rather be left to your thoughts. These hummers might be wearing head/earphones and humming, or might just be humming on their own.

Disturb me not

You must have heard of, and maybe even seen the Touch-Me-Not plant. Well, this bloke is a Disturb-Me-Not individual. This means he would much rather be left alone in his world of music with his head/earphones plugged on than be disturbed and dragged back from that world.

Well, music lovers aren’t the only ones coming under this category. Book lovers, Movie lovers, K-Drama lovers, and many such fans of different stars, series, movies, books, and media are of the Disturb-Me-Not category.

Can’t imagine life without music

These people are die-hard fans of music. Their lives revolve around music and they cannot imagine not listening to music for a set period of time. Often, such people are the people you’d want to approach if you want to try new genres or new singers. They’re Human Music Encyclopaedias.

Collecting Music

You’d have heard of people collecting things. Be it coins, pebbles, merchandise of a favorite series/comic/movie, and so on. This person collects music. She has an entire collection dedicated to it. They’re the Human Music Wikipedia who knows the best and worst songs of most genres, singers, and music albums.

Unaware of surroundings

This person, most of the time, will be wearing head/earphones and would be humming, no, scratch that. Screaming at the top of their lungs! Not you, even the old couple across the street with hearing difficulties would be able to hear what this bloke is apparently singing. You had best pray that his voice atleast is good because if he does not have a good voice, you might as well run for cover.

The Unsuccessful Singer

Remember Takeshi Goda, a.k.a. Gian from “Doraemon”? He surely comes under this category. These people want to make singing more than just a hobby. But unfortunately for them, their singing annoys people rather than pleasing them.

The Music Blaster

If you are a regular commuter in public transport, I am completely sure you would have, atleast encountered one such person. They blast music from their cell phones. They’re very annoying, but many times you can’t say anything to them. As if they listen!


This person most likely stumbles across music and listens to music via media, radio, television, or directly from somebody humming the tune. Many people come under this category.

What other kinds of music enthusiasts have you encountered? Comment below.

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